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Baptism & Covenant: Doctrine 101 Series Event

October 27, 2019 Free
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Dates & Times

  • Oct 27, 2019
    7:00pm - 8:30pm


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Baptism & Covenant will be the topic for this class in the Doctrine 101 Series. It will be held at 7pm at Woodland Christian High School and taught by Pastor Jacob Reaume. Please register below!

Doctrine 101 is a series of classes focusing on various topics to help Christians understand what and why they believe what they believe. Usually they will happen during the 9am service in the conference room but we are making an exception for this event.

Some of the other topics offered in this series:

Atonement & Resurrection
Justification & Sanctification
End Times

Here are 4 reasons why doctrine is so important:

Because we love God. And if we love God, we’ll want to know all about him – about his nature, his character, his purposes, his commandments; about the work he’s doing in the world, about his work in saving people, about his plans for the future.

Because what you believe will shape your spiritual life. The way you think about God will affect the way you relate to God.

Because without it we won't understand the world in which we live. A thorough knowledge of Bible doctrine will give you the tools to sort out all the practical problems of living in this complex fallen world – even in matters where the Bible doesn’t speak directly.

Because without it we won't know what to say to unsaved people we meet. Peter tells us that we must be ‘prepared to give to every man a reason for the hope that is within us’ (1 Peter3:15). We have to be competent to answer questions.